The Bridal bouquet is an elegant  pave of roses, clean and simple, yet will make a statement.

The roses are available in a variety of colors.  Bridesmaids are wrapped in a coordinating color of satin or sheer ribbon.


Bridal Bouquets

  • Small   $75.00
  • Medium   $115.00
  • Large  $155.00



  • Small  $25.00 each
  • Medium  $40.00 each
  • Large  $55.00 each


Matching Corsages

  • Small pin-on or wrist $25 each
  • Medium pin-on or wrist $30 each


Matching Boutonnierres  $12 Each


Matching Centerpieces

  • Small and simple $30.00
  • Medium  and full $65.00
  • Large and strikingt $140.00


To determine a budget for your wedding, just check out our Wedding Caculator  Or call us at 972-771-1896 for a consultation

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