The Bridal Bouquet is a lush garden mix, the flowers are chosen from the nicest seasonal flowers available in colors that coordinate with the wedding colors.

 From Elegant to Casual, we will discuss with you the theme and style of your wedding  


We will then design beautiful bouquets to  match or compliment your wedding.

Bridal Bouquets

  • Small   $95.00
  • Medium   $120.00
  • Large  $170.00


  • Small  $ 55.00 each
  • Medium  $ 75.00 each
  • Large  $ 95.00 each

Matching Corsages

  • Small pin-on or wrist $ 30.00 each
  • Medium pin-on or wrist $ 35.00 each

Matching Boutonnierres  $ 13.00 Each

Matching Centerpieces

  • Small and simple $50.00
  • Medium  and full $70.00
  • Large and striking $95.00

To determine a budget for your wedding, just check out our Wedding Calculator  Or call us at 972-771-1896 for a consultation

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